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ORTOPEDI is the breakthrough result of centuries of research in scientific fields that involved human body. We have delved into hundreds of published studies from psychiatrists, practitioners, doctors, researchers, chemist, nutrientist, psychologists, educators, therapists, physicians, sports trainers, counselors, neurofeedback, and clinicians worldwide. From here, we have gained information/access to the most secret and natural way of body growth.

" Hundreds of rigorously performed scientific studies in the way our body develop have proven beyond a doubt that ORTOPEDI will enhance your body growth, increase your body height (proportionally), make you look better and quickly channel you into places, position, situation that you could only dream now. "

Human skeleton will usually stop growing once a person reach the age of 18 (eighteen). Although there are people few individual who still grows after they pass the age of 18 years, this cases are very exceptional. The cause of these few exceptional cases is due to excessive production of growth hormone. If a person consumed too much growth hormone during his/her growth, he/she will have an excessive growth, or in many cases called gigantism.

If your body has reached its maturity, and you bones have stopped growing, there are two things that you have to do to increase your body height, especially if you are a mature adult. Those two things are:

  • By straightening the body's skeleton to make the body taller, and
  • Increasing the body's height by focusing on the growth of certain parts of the skeleton. These certain parts are still in the specially designed, not hard bones. By following ORTOPEDI written course thoroughly, these parts of the skeleton are encouraged and stimulated to grow, therefore resulting in increase of the body's height.
When a person is standing tall, the backbone of that person must be straight from the neck to the tailbone (when viewed from behind and the side). Many people do not obtain their maximum body height. Their backbones are not completely straight. When they are standing, their body looked bowed. And when examined carefully, this bending is most noticeable in the upper spinal area. The bend in this area is too curvy, and often the backbone continues to bend that the spine is not straight anymore. All this is caused by performing wrong body postures, that has become a habit done since childhood e.g. bending and tilting when sitting; bending one of the knees, when standing up, this causes most of the weight to be shifted to only one of the leg. Bending the knee causes the pelvic bone to rotate, which in turns caused the backbone to bend to one side. These are why many bodies tend to lean to the side, front or back.

All the physical abnormalities that we mentioned above, will not only result in unattractive physical appearances, but they also have bad effects on the health of the persons, because their breathing and other channels (including the thoracic cavity) in their chest are being physically disturbed. This result in the oppression of the heart, lungs and bowels, which in turns cause the person to be tired and experience breathlessness much more easily.

Many people think these abnormal body postures are natural and cannot be fixed anymore. But to everybody's delight, we are informing you that ORTOPEDI written course can help fix the misshapenness of the body posture by straightening the skeleton / spine of the individuals. ORTOPEDI will not will not only increase the height of the body, but it will also improve the physical and hopefully, emotional health of a person, as all the vital organs of the body will be able to function well. The muscles will be stronger, and able to hold the bones in their proper, straight positions.

Among the results of joining the ORTOPEDI written course, are:

  1. The increase in thickness of cartilage disks of the backbone, which leads to the increase of body height. *If thickness in each of the 12 cartilage disks in the backbone increases by 1 cm, it means that there will be a significant increase of 12 centimeters in the height of the body
  2. Improvement of the health of the body, because as we go along with our activities, shocks from the movements that may cause scratching of the spinal cord & nerves will not happen again.
Remember, even though the human skeleton`s growth usually stop at the age of 18 or 19 years, the Epiphyseal lines can still be stimulated to grow. This means increasing the length of the Shinbones and increasing the height of the body.

ORTOPEDI written course will explain, teach, and guide you in great detail. We will explain to you how growth hormone is produced, how we can produce them, how our bones can grow and how to make them grow; we'll teach and guide you through the course on what to do and what to consume and again explain how all these things plays a part in reaching your ultimate goal: HEIGHT INCREASE.

Now, we have explained to you in general the possibility and rationality of being able to increase your body height and at the same time improving the health of the body. All this are possible by just following all of the ORTOPEDI instructions in good faith, having confidence, concentration, discipline, and strong determination!

ORTOPEDI written course had been proven for over 35 years. Within 3 months after they joined the course, they have succeeded in gaining increase of more than 10 centimeters (about 4 inches), helping them to reach their desired body height and improve their height.
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